Mar 7, 2019

The cuisines Vietnam served Donald Trump during the US - North Korea summit

Although the historical meeting between Donald Trump and  Kim Jong Un did not bring about dramatic outcomes as expected, cuisine lovers all around the world still have one thing to concern about: what are the courses the host country Vietnam prepares to serve the US President.

A luncheon was hosted on 27th Feb at Vietnam's White House (the new government building) where Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Ministers formally receive guests. After a brief discussion with Prime Minister Phuc, Donald Trump enjoyed a lunch consisting of following courses:

Course 1: Fresh shredded green mango  salad with scallops, mint leaves, and cashew nuts served in a sweet vinaigrette dressing.

Course 2: Deep fried Hanoi-style spring rolls, with shrimp, pork, vermicelli, and vegetables, served with a side of sweet, sour fish sauce and red chilies

Course 3: King crab meat  and spinach in a light (and usually clear) seafood-based broth.

Course 4: Main entrée

     · Grilled cod fish (CHA CA) a pan-fried white fish with turmeric and dill, served with various herbs and vermicelli noodle.

      · Roasted Wagyu beef medallions with foige grass, and a semi-sweet fermented black rice (The fermented black rice may have an alcoholic essence due to the fermentation, similar to Japanese sake).

<   · Sautéed "Su Su" vegetables with garlic.  Su Su refer to green chayote stems and leaves which are crisp with a mild, fresh and grassy flavor with mellow undertones of cucumber.

      · Steamed sticky glutinous rice with shrimp wrapped in a lotus leaf.

Course 5:  Dessert A traditional Vietnamese dessert consisting of lotus seeds, longans, and white wood-ear mushrooms, served warm in a sugary syrup (Lotus seeds are also known as lotus nuts. Longans are a South East Asia similar to lychees.

Sounds luxurious? It's not. Actually you can find most of the above food easily in popular restaurants or cafes at affordable price.

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