Apr 2, 2020

The conflicting recommendations about wearing masks against coronavirus

WHO and many countries badly hit by coronavirus are still researching and debating whether wearing masks is an effective measure against the spreading of the virus. The frequently-heard recommendation is that you don’t need to wear masks if you are not a medical worker.


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Then some of us start to wonder why wearing masks can help medical workers, but can’t help us as ordinary people? Why so? It’s obvious that if masks can help medical workers, then definitely masks can help us also. If you are living in a highly infected area where you communicate with a lot of unidentified infected people, is your living environment safer than in the hospital?


At this point, the experts further explain that if we all wear masks, then we would consume a huge amount of such item, and medical workers shall face shortage of that essential protective equipment. So it means that the main cause of the above-mentioned recommendation is simply “just because we don’t have enough of masks” which are surely not too sophisticated to make and not too expensive to buy.


Actually, masks are helpful to protect both yourself and the others. If you are an infected person, but not tested and confirmed yet, masks prevent your droplets from spreading to the surrounding environment and reaching the others, when you cough, sneeze or simply breathe.


If you are still healthy and uninfected, masks prevent the droplets,  which may contain the virus, from reaching your nose and mouth directly. Instead, these droplets shall mostly remain on the outer side of the masks, which are water-proof for a few hours.


Back home, you remove the mask carefully without touching the outer side, then all the virus shall be gone with it.


So, instead of wasting more time for debating whether masks are necessary or not, countries should focus on how to make medical masks in mass and huge mass for the whole world community.

By Justin D. 

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