Apr 7, 2020

Vietnam donates half a million medical masks to France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Britain

HANOI - Vietnam donated 550,000 face masks to five European countries heavily hit by the coronavirus epidemic to support their fight against virus. The masks, made of antimicrobial fabric and being droplets-proof, were handed to the ambassadors of France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Britain at an event in Hanoi 7th April.

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These supplies are produced by local enterprises. Vietnam is home to many textiles and garments enterprises, many of which have adapted to making face masks to provide enough supplies for the local people during the coronavirus epidemic. The country last week asked its mask producers to step up their production to make 5 million masks a day.

Describing the gesture as a real sign of friendship, Britain Ambassador to Vietnam Gareth Ward,  went on to note: “The health sector is considered a key area of cooperation in our bilateral relations. Vietnam and the UK will continue to join hands (symbolically) to tackle this disease.” He also took the opportunity to express gratitude to the doctors and nurses in Vietnam, who have taken care of and treated many British nationals in recent times.

Meanwhile, Embassy of Italy in Hanoi noted that "Cconcrete help, an appreciated act of friendship, a strong message of trust in international cooperation".

Vietnam, which has reported 249 coronavirus cases on 7 April, with no deaths and 122 recovered, said it has also donated masks and other medical equipment to other countries, including China, Cambodia and Laos.



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