Mar 16, 2020

The costs behind UK's said herd immunity plan against coronavirus

Facing the coronavirus pandemic, the approach of governments  around the world are not similar, and in some cases totally different from each other. The weirdest and wildest one may come from the UK when its government's chief scientific adviser Sir Patrick Vallance has declared something like “Around 60% of the UK population will need to become infected with coronavirus in order for society to have herd immunity from future outbreaks”.

It sounds perfectly strategic, right? But let’s a have look at the unavoidable costs of such a strategy.

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How many people will die of such a strategy?

60% of UK population of 66.5 million means the total infected cases shall be 39.9 million. Considering the current death rate of the novel coronavius, based on the assumption of WHO, being 3.4%, then the total related deaths in the UK shall be approximately 1.35 million people.

The mission of any health care system is to protect any single life. But this strategy is ready to cost the life of more than a million people. Don’t you think it would constitute a mass massacre crime?

What will be the role of vaccination?

Vaccination is a major invention in medical history to save humankind from various epidemic diseases. Facing the coronavirus,  advanced and not-so-advanced nations are in rush to develop the vaccines against the virus. We are happy to hear that some nations have reached the stage of lab testing and human testing, and we are all desperately waiting for the final results.
But, opps, with the herd immunity strategy of the UK, we would not need such a vaccine any more? Yes? And please erase the world “vaccination” from medical books?

Being with such a strategy, will the Britain be a lonely isolated island in the world?

The US President Donald Trump had initially excluded the UK and Ireland from the European ban of 26 countries, finally added it to the blacklist as infection rates soared overnight. When would such a ban be lifted? We do all understand that it would be eased when the conronavirus in a specific country is under control and no further infected case reported.

But for the case of the UK with such free-spreading strategy, that ban shall be imposed forever, maybe. Under such circumstances, not only the USA but many other countries will apply the same ban against the UK.


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