Jun 23, 2019

The cute betting between Justin Trudeau and Nancy Pelosi: who won?

During his visit the the US, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau won American House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Thursday over a bet that the Toronto Raptors would defeat the Golden State Warriors to win the NBA Championship.

To settle the wager, Pelosi presented Trudeau with a basket of California wine and chocolate at a joint news conference at the US Capitol – describing them as products of the great state of California -- starting with chocolate, almonds, walnuts, pistachios and wine.

In return, Trudeau also presented the loser with chocolate he said was made by a company called Peace by Chocolate in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia.

The two politicians have met to talk about the recent progress made toward the ratification of the new NAFTA and expanding trade between Canada and the US.
Two of them have also exchanged thankfulness for each other's nice guestures on Twitter.

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