Dec 19, 2020

115-feet Christmas tree made from 2,340 palm-leaf conical hats

VIETNAM - A church in the Southern province Dong Nai has erected a giant Christmas tree decorated with local traditional hats for the season 2020.


@ The Christmas tree is as high as a 5-storey building.

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This is the third consecutive year that the church has built this unique Christmas tree, which is 5 meters taller than the last year's one. This work is funded by parishioners and takes 3 months to complete.

Its structure includes a pillar made of 10 tons of reinforced concrete, net of cables to sustain the conical floors. Technical aspects have been well calculated so that the tree will not be swayed by the wind.

Thousands of conical hats are arranged in regular steps in a row, each with a lamp attached inside, glitter and baubles around.


@ Dang Thu Thao - Miss Vietnam 2012 in palm-leaf conical hat.

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