Jul 18, 2021

Simple ways to change image size and ratio in Blogger

When inserting an image into a blogger, you can change the image size by some simple ways a follows:



Option 1. Using the Image Tool in Blogger

Click on the image inside the blogger editor, click on Setting () you would see the size option: small, medium, large, x-large or original size.

Option 2. Adding attribute width="123"

Go to Html view of the post, and add the code width="123" right after the image source link (src). Replace 123 with the value of the pixel. The display height shall automatically set based on the image's original size ratio.

For example:

src="https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-K1EbA2rrJcA/YPRyt7FYrEI/AAAAAAAAM4o/gdgemMexQFAFpXKTSmjzKuJU1NSb52TgACLcBGAsYHQ/w640-h320/Kang%2Bthe%2BConqueror%2BArmor%2Band%2BGun%2Bagainst%2Bthe%2BAvengers.jpg" width="640"

Option 3. Changing the value in the src image link

In the image src link, you will find the size specifications right before the /image name, for example: w640-h320 (this means width = 640, height = 320), s300, s600 ...

You can change the value in the link into such as w320-h160, w120-h60 ... Note: if you already set the attribute width="123" in Option 2, the display size shall set by the attribute.



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